Born For The Best - The Luxury Lifestyle Blog: June 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Vietnam’s Most Expensive Bridal Gown at $117,000

A wedding dress with 222 diamonds and 100 red rubies? It’s certainly a dress to die for. Here is one of the world’s most expensive bridal gowns in Vietnam which is retailing for US$117,000.

The wedding gown is named Bach ngoc xiem y which means gown with hundreds of gemstones and is the creation of Huy Vo who is a young fashion designer.

Created from white silk and satin this wedding dress has been decorated with big gemstone made flowers and each flower comprises of 22 big rubies and 8 big diamonds. Forty man days were required to create this masterpiece which totals to 320 hours of hard work. First runner up Miss Vietnam will be modeling this wedding dress. If you are interested in purchasing this piece of art then you will need to visit the 3rd floor of Ruby Plaza after 30th June to get it.

Image and link source
: vietnamnet

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lady, get crystal studded luxury car accessories from Me Mo

Car accessories for men?? Nah!!! Here are some luxurious Italian car accessories but only for the ladies. Me-Mo, a seller of in-car fashion items has added Isotta Fraschini car accessory brand to its kitty.

Their Urban Glow Swarovski crystal embedded car accessories range comprises of several luxurious car accessories with touch of glamour to them. The luxury car accessory range comprises of leather and crystal gear knobs, leather gear boots and leather, chrome and crystal drinks holders.

Its aurora borealis Moon Unit handbrake comes with 304 Swarovski crystals and is priced for $275. The crystal studded pink leather and chromed aluminum steering wheel is available for $650. I must tell you this is just the beginning.

So if you are a lady who loves her car and would like to add zing to it by including some luxurious accessories to it then Isotta Fraschini is for you.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A single magazine issue for just $6,500!!

Have you ever spent $6,500 for a single magazine issue? I hope you haven’t jumped out of your seat by now but here is a magazine which can surely be dubbed as one of the most expensive magazine in the world. Nomenus Quarterly will be available as a limited edition offer with a single issue costing you $6,500.

What makes Nomenus Quarterly special is a combination of beautiful art direction, creative contributors and curated fine art which sets it apart from others.

So what is there in Nomenus Quarterly which makes its worth a purchase:

The current issue features artists such as Oliver Chanarin, Adam Broomberg, Alec Soth, Elizabeth Peyton and a host of other names.
Poetry by Arnold Klein
Row and Costello Tagliapietra
Fashion editorials featuring the clothes of Jean Paul Gaultier
Interview with Sally Singer

Mind you only ten copies are available so get your issue before it’s gone and if you are still wondering why you should shell out $6,500 for it then you will only get to know when you get a copy for yourself.

Image and link source: luxuo

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Albert Einstein photograph fetches record price!!!

Pictures speak louder than words and if we look at this iconic photograph of Albert Einstein then it even fetches more in today’s world. A 1951 photograph of Albert Einstein has fetched $74,324 counting it among one of the most expensive Einstein photograph.

This renowned pic was taken by photographer Arthur Sasse and the it is somewhat special as Einstein sticks out his tongue hence adding a distinct flavor to it. Nine copies of this particular pic were ordered by Einstein himself and one of them was signed for news anchor Howard K. Smith.

The man who was lucky enough to purchase this Albert Einstein photograph was David Waxman who owns a New York store which specializes in autographs and scientific books.

Image and link source: luxuo

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Majesty: For a luxurious sleep

A good sound sleep never comes cheap and this has been proved by £52,000 worth hand made bed launched by Vi Spring. Dubbed as Majesty(it deserves a name like this), the bed set includes a mattress, headboard, divan and scatter cushions.

Its comfort level can be judged from the fact that it includes a number of springs and natural fillings which is much more than any other normal bed available in the market.

It comprises of 6,240 hand-nested springs with individual sewn pockets and comes with layers of cashmere, silk, cotton and lambs wool. Along with the mattress is the President divan which has been created from sourced beech and upholstered in fabric from JAB ANSTOEZ elegant Grandezza collection.

The high class Jacquard fabric has been combined with gold and silver prints which include Jade, Black, Midnight, Conker, Cobalt, Amethyst and Crimson.

When we spend one third of our lives sleeping then why should we compromise on our sleep rather we should sleep luxuriously.

Image and link source: response source

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Please give a warm welcome to world’s most expensive espresso machine

How expensive an espresso coffee machine can get is I only realized when I came across this superautomatic espresso machine from Concordia Coffee Systems. Priced between $10,000 and $40,000 this espresso machine can single handedly grind and brew coffee, steam milk and add flavored syrups for customers which includes the like of Mayo Clinic, United Airlines, Harvard University and Seattle's Best Coffee.

The superautomatic espresso machine is known to make a whopping 165 variety of drinks which accepts cash and debit cards for purchases. It won’t replace the baristas but it has emerged as a replacement for ordinary coffee machines.

Thousand such machines have already been sold and this is just the beginning. So say a warm welcome to one of the world’s most expressive espresso machine!!

Image and link source: nwsource