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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christian Dior releases next generation luxury cell phones

Your lady would surely love these phones and with Christmas around the corner it could be an ideal luxury gift for your love. Christian Dior would be releasing second generation luxury phones for December 2009.

The good thing about this new line of luxury phones is that they are gold plated and black PVD coated with encrusted sapphire crystals with prices starting at $6,500.

You can also go for the diamond encrusted models but get ready to loosen your purse string a little more as Zelie with a red casing costs $7,900 whereas Zenaide in white is available for $13,400. Another pearl casing model of this phone is Nacre which is priced at $8,700.

Its Bluetooth headset sapphire piece with either black or white jewels sells for $470. So if you have panache for luxury phones then Christian Dior is the game for you.

image and link source: justluxe

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