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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A lunch worth $52,000 for Roman Abramovich

Even today millions of people sleep empty stomach but people like Roman Abramovich, billionaire and owner of Chelsea Football Club have got lots of money to blow on food which could feed an entire army. Recently Roman Abramovich had lunch at Nello's in New York and the bill came to a whopping $47,221.09.

The lunch menu comprised of filet mignon, white truffles and a bunch of expensive wines and it fed ten people at the table. An automatic gratuity of 20% was added to the bill which totaled to $7,328 but the large hearted Roman Abramovich added an extra $5,000 to the tip raising it to 26% of the bill.

Even though a representative of Roman Abramovich disputed the size of the bill but Nello still sticks to the story.

source: TMZ

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